Annie Waqar

Annie Waqar

Academic consultant UK and South Asia

Dr Annie Waqar has an extensive research background and knowledge on the various issues relating to Nuclear Security in South Asia and the Middle East, Defence, Arms Control and International Relations along with fluency in four different languages. She has worked for various think tanks, delivered numerous lectures and conducted workshops in universities in the UK, US, Europe and South Asia.

Dr Annie Waqar has over 11 years of work experience as a Goodwill ambassador, in over more than seven countries in South Asia. She also has a lot of experience in dealing with the media, social work, education and human rights domains. She joined UNICEF as a goodwill ambassador to Commonwealth countries in 2002. Dr Annie Waqar completed her PhD from the University of Surrey in 2014. She has worked as a Research analyst for major think tanks. She has taught as a Lecturer for 3 years in the University of Westminster. She has moved on to become an Freelance academic consultant and delivers various lectures and runs short courses in universities around the UK and South Asia. She has been successfully running short courses in Oxford University. She also teaches and designs various short academic courses with the help of various University departments in UK to the British military and NATO officials.

Dr Annie Waqar continues to produce quality research and policy papers on Nuclear Non-proliferation and Disarmament in South Asia and Middle East and aims to work with international organisations on issues such as analysis, advocacy and communication in order to increase understanding about how international processes influence individuals, businesses and governments worldwide.

My work
Series - Geopolitics & Global Order
The India-Pakistan Nuclear Imbroglio: What Way Forward?