About us

The Clingendael Spectator is the Clingendael Magazine for International Relations, accessible free of charge for all with an interest in the latest developments in world politics.

Since 1947, the Clingendael Spectator has offered analyses of international relations primarily in Dutch, but as of 2017 the new online magazine is bilingual: readers using a web browser in Dutch will see both Dutch and English articles, but visitors using a browser in any other language will only see English articles and dossiers, with special focus on the position of Belgium and The Netherlands.  

The Clingendael Spectator is an independent publication of the Netherlands Institute for International Relations Clingendael, and collaborates with Egmont, the Royal Institute for International Relations in Brussels. Its mission is to stimulate the exchange of views and knowledge on a broad range of international issues.

The magazine is being published on the basis of an editorial statute. All opinions and insights in this magazine are under the full accountability of the authors. Nothing in this publication may be reproduced and / or disclosed in any manner whatsoever without the prior written consent of the editorial office.