Migrants and refugees: What’s in a name?
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Migrants and refugees: What’s in a name?

23 Jul 2018 - 11:20
Photo: European Union
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The long-standing debate over how to categorise people on the move continues without a resolution in sight, reflecting a broader debate about who is responsible for responding to the plight of refugees and other migrants and what those specific responsibilities are. On the one hand, the category of refugee within the broader context of migration remains a powerful legal tool. On the other, in today’s world of hyper-mobility and dynamic movements of people, the distinctions between forced displacement, voluntary migration with the use of smugglers and trafficked person are often blurred.

Read the full article here in our dossier: 'EU's migration (mis)management?'


Lucy Hovil
Adviser for UNDP & Senior Research Associate for the International Refugee Rights Initiative
Melissa Philips
Director Migration Nexus Consultants & Non-resident Fellow at New York University