Militarising migration? EU & NATO involvement at the borders
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Militarising migration? EU & NATO involvement at the borders

23 Jul 2018 - 11:23
Photo: German Navy photo by Photographer PO1/OR-6 Alyssa Bier
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In European policies towards migration, there is a growing involvement of security actors, such as NATO and the EU’s Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP). The CSDP is running EUNAVFOR Sophia since May 2015 in the Central Mediterranean and NATO deployed its Standing NATO Maritime Group 2 (February 2016) in the Aegean as well as Operation Sea Guardian (July 2016) in the Mediterranean. To what extent are the EU and NATO involved as security actors, with what means and to what end? Are they effective in reaching the goals they set out to do, do the EU and NATO work well together on migration issues and lastly, how to assess their involvement? Does the involvement of these security and defence actors point to a militarisation of migration and what could be the repercussions of that?

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Margriet Drent
Former coordinator of and Senior Research Fellow at the Security Unit of the Clingendael Research Department.