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Nicodemous the mathematician
wo, 03/06/2024 - 17:45


The article is a Baku narrative as it leaves out important facts. Too much blaha blaha western democracy.

1. Azerbaijan is not a reliable partner to sign a peace agreements with because it has one of the worst human rights records in the world.
It is pursuing panturanism, which is the last remaining outright fascism on the planet, i.e. "Turken ueber alles" policy. The turkish+Azerbaijan duo will not stop short of pursuing conquest and elimination of Armenia proper, as the Armenian Genocide already showed their pan-turanic ideology. Armenian Genocide denial of the duo cannot be separated from their non-peace committment w.r.t. armenians.
2. How can Nagorno-Karabakh people feel safe under pan-turanic ideology without military guarantees from the west? Not even azeris are free to tell their opinions, nor are peoples of turkey. The so called west is in that sense as disingenious and treacherous as Russians power in Armenia. The west has not curbed and will not even try to curb the the turkey+israel's military support and outright direct boots-on-the-soil support to Azerbaijan. This is something in their power, but havenot. They will just leave armenians alone (even less support than to Ukraine). They have done so in cyprus, and they have just watched 120'000 indigenious inhabitants of nagorno-karabakh to suffer azerbaijan's blockade during 10 months, only to look the other way when they left their lands home to them since 3 millenia. No, Artsakh was not inhabited nor controlled by Azerbaijan up until their 2023 invasion. They were left completely alone in the hands of a modern day Cenghis Khans: Aliyev on one side Erdogan+Netanyahu on the other. The west had and has leverage on Erdogan+Netanyahu but has not used it deliberately.
3. Mr. Aliyev is in fact a staunch aly of Erdogan+Putin. The west has no influence on him, because he sells russian gas and oil via turkish territory . The oil is washed white, if need be, by Erdogan+Netanyahu help and resold. A large chunk of Aliyev's incomes is from commission he gets from this brokerage. His dictatorship is protected by Mr. Putin and Mr. Netanyahu unholy aliance, against possible internal riots against his iron fist. Mr. Erdogan (or iran) will flush him in either turanic or islamic toilet when he is no longer tolerable to either. For this his life cord depends on Mr. Putin and Mr. Netanyahu's resolve.

4. The neighbors of Armenia are not Sweden and Denmark (as baltics). They are turkey and azerbaijan. Both have made armenian genocide denial and hate of armenians a state policy, since their birth (1923 and 1992). The west has not done anything to curb this fascism. It is not on european, american and israeli soil, so it can be tolerated to them. Armenians cannot permit themselves to act according to the playbook suggested. We have already seen in nagorno-karabakh, and azerbaijan sovereign territory recognition by Armenia according this very plabook. Armenia got not only nothing in terms of recognition of its territory in response. Armenia got full-ethnic-deportation of the indigenious population imposed by azerbaijan numero uno. Numero due, Azerbaijan has entered the sovereign territory of armenia and is still there, with no recognition of armenias sovereignity in the visir.

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